2017 - Competition Winners

Winners of the 14th Guitar Competition 2017

Category C (>17 years)

1st prize : Kostas Manolkidis (+ concert at 25th Guitar Festival + 50 euro check by Kokonetsis.gr)
3rd prize : Betty Mavropoulou (+ 50 euro check by Kokonetsis.gr)
3rd prize : Konstantinos Goutis (+ 50 euro check by Kokonetsis.gr)

Category B (14 - 17 years)

1st prize : Alexandros Arapakis  (+ guitar by Andromidas.gr)
3rd prize : Nikolas Vichos

24th Hermoupolis Guitar Festival

July 24 - 28 2017

Founded in 1994, Hermoupolis Guitar Festival is regarded as one of the top guitar festivals in Greece, noted both for its musical quality as well as its friendly atmosphere.

The five-day summer festival includes solo and chamber music performances, master classes, competitions and a big guitar orchestra by the participants.

About the festival

The Guitar Festival takes place every July in Hermoupolis, the capital of Syros and Cyclades islands in the heart of Aegean sea. It showcases a wide range of high quality events featuring concerts and happenings.

It brings leading performers to Syros island every year to inspire, entertain and challenge audiences of all ages and artistic tastes. It provides valuable learning and participation opportunities for children, young people and adults through creative workshops, ensemble playing, master classes and competitions.